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Ce puii mei? – What my chickens?

du-te-n pisicii ma-tii – go into your mother’s cats

ce pusca mea? – what my gun?

pana mea – my feather

ce basca mea? – What my hat?

shiapa ma-tii (una mai moldovenaesca asa) – your > mather’s onions

e cu capu! – he is with his head

da-te-n sange – go into blood

nu ma freca la icre – don’t rub my fish eggs

ce faci ma? uite frec menta – rubbing the mint

ma doare la basca/cot/c*r – my hat hurts, my elbow hurts, my butt hurts

sa moara pestii mei – so my fishes shall die

plimba ursul – go walk the bear

ma doare-n paispe – it hurts in my fourteen

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